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Download RadeonPro Preview 11/Apr/2013 with fix for Custom SMAA


Notice: there is a newer build available.

RadeonPro has been updated to fix a quirk in Custom SMAA field SMAA_THRESHOLD that was supposed to accept decimal values from 0.00 up to 0.50, but was allowing only integer numbers under some circumstances, causing Custom SMAA to fail.

This build also fix some random crashes in DirectX 9 games running with Steam overlay enabled (e.g. PlanetSide 2, GTA IV) and also fixes performance issues found on non-Steam games like Tribes Ascend.

Hit the Download link at navigation bar and follow the Recommended installation and update procedure if you’re already using RadeonPro.

If for some reason you need the previous 30/Mar/2013 build, it can be downloaded here.

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