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To infinity, Radeon!

What happened to RadeonPro?

First of all, for you guys expecting a fresh new RadeonPro to play with, my apologies as I couldn’t deliver it just yet… please read on to know why.

In late August I’ve made an announcement about the upcoming new version of RadeonPro, infinity or RadeonPro 2.0. Sadly, my development rig’s motherboard died a week later, halting temporarily infinity’s development. The motherboard has been replaced a week after but guess what? The mobo arrived with a bad bios…

I’ve requested a new bios chip to EVGA and they kindly sent one for free at September 10th but it arrived just a few days ago, in October 29th. Yeah, it took over 50 days to arrive… but good news is I’ve already got everything up and running again so I’m ready to get back to infinity’s development!

I’m planning a quick fix with support for AMD R7 260 and R9 270/280/290 series video cards which current public build is lacking. If everything goes fine the fix will be available this weekend. After that I will resume infinity development and hope to have something ready for the closed beta until the end of November.

Updated 11/3: New build with support for AMD Radeon R Series

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