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SweetFX is the name of a shader bundle created by ceejay.dk with collaboration from other community users from Guru3D and other internet forums. SweetFX packs some post-processing shaders like LumaSharpen, Technicolor, Sepia and Vignette to name a few, giving the ability to change games colors and other effects beyond original game settings. Those shaders are packed with a 3rd party SMAA injector, created by mrhaandi, which is still available and still distributed with SweetFX original package. To use SweetFX with mrhaandi’s SMAA injector, the users needed to copy all injector and SweetFX files to every game installation directory they wanted to use the shaders effects, and to customize which effects are going to be used and their settings, users must edit SweetFX configuration files using a text editor. There is also some 3rd party configurators to make configuration easier, but the shaders/injector files still must be copied to games directories.

SweetFX has been integrated with RadeonPro to make easy its use by eliminating the need of copying SweetFX files into games directories. All SweetFX shaders can be configured per profile, where you can set which effects are going to be used in each game and their parameters using RadeonPro User Interface, this approach needs only one set of SweetFX files copied over a directory of your choice and also eliminates the need of editing configuration files. Another advantage of using SweetFX through RadeonPro is the ability to use it in 64-bit games (example: DCS World – reference), which is not possible with the injector bundled with SweetFX shaders pack that supports only 32-bit applications.

As other post-processing effects in RadeonPro, SweetFX can be toggled on and off with the press of a key.

See also: SMAA, FXAA, Ambient Occlusion