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AMD TressFX revealed

It turns out I was right – ok, that was easy – new AMD TressFX is indeed related to physics calculation, AMD described it in a blog revealing that TressFX will be used to enhance hair rendering with real-time physics calculation on Tomb Raider and its iconic character, Lara Croft. Pretty exciting I must say!


Looks like TressFX can be used for other rendering tasks besides hair and physics simulation as well, like vegetation. No information about other titles using the technology was disclosed, though (I guess) AMD might be offering TressFX to game devs through its AMD Gaming Evolved program.

Here is some screenshots showing the difference between normal hair rendering and with TressFX. Sadly there’s no videos showing the effect of her hair moving through the wind.tress_before_after1 lara_3frame tress_before_after3


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