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Fast approXimated Anti-Aliasing or FXAA is a post-processing technique that removes jaggies using a very memory-efficient, fast and light-weight pixel shader developed by Timothy Lottes.


No Anti-Aliasing and FXAA compared – Click here to see the full size screenshot comparison tool

FXAA is comparable to MSAA 4x in quality, but in constrast to MSAA, FXAA consumes no additional video memory and it’s much faster to get processed, resulting in better frame rates. FXAA also works on alpha textures like fences, transparent geometry such as foliage and also helps reduce shader aliasing that often appears on shiny materials. The downside of using FXAA is that every edge on screen gets smoothed by FXAA pixel shader, including text that might become blurry, making it difficult to read some times.

Using RadeonPro you can even combine FXAA and SMAA to remove even more aliasing from your games.

As other post-processing effects in RadeonPro, FXAA can be toggled on and off with the press of a key.

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