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AMD A8 and A10 APUs to get SimCity for free


AMD will start distributing SimCity Origin’s keys for APUs model A8 and A10 – A8 5500, A8 5600K, A10 5700 and A10 5800K – when bought at selected retailers.


AMD “Trinity” A8 5500 starts at around US$ 100 and SimCity, launched at March 5th, is sold currently at US$ 60, incredible value added bundle for sure whether you disagree with SimCity price tag or don’t like SimCity at all.

The performance chart above made available by AMD shows A8 5600K (US$ 110) performing nicely at 1080p/Low Lightning setting, whereas an Intel Core i3 3325 (US$ 145) alone and even coupled with an NVIDIA GT 620 (US$ 50) are way behind the A8 5600K APU.

The promotion is said to start at April 14th but there’s no confirmation about which regions will get the deal.

Update: promotion is valid worldwide.

Source: HEXUS/@amd_roy

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