About API monitoring

API monitoring detects Direct3D/OpenGL application start and apply special settings when defined by a profile. API monitoring also takes care of OSD functions such as frames per second (FPS) counter, VGA monitoring, take games’ screenshots which can not be possible using the standard Windows “Printscreen” hotkey and to apply  image post processing effects like FXAA and SMAA.
By default API monitoring is set only for games/applications you have profiles defined in RadeonPro. This is controlled by option Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list in RadeonPro Settings -> Advanced section
In some circumstances the API monitoring code present on RadeonPro can prevent an application to start or work as expected, in such cases you can disable API monitoring for the profile item and still enjoy the normal profile settings application.

To disable API monitoring for a particular profile item, right-click the item and choose Disable API monitoring on context menu.

RadeonPro ships with a list of known processes that might interfere or even crash when global API monitoring is in effect, if you find some process that crashes or misbehave due to RadeonPro API detection code, add the application executable name to the exception list at Compatibility list and set option Disable API detection for the item.

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