The Launcher tab

In Launcher tab you can define the launcher configuration if your game uses one.
A launcher is a small program used to start the main game executable, sometimes it’s just a security module that must be executed in order to start the game and is finished right after the main executable starts execution.
You can also define a launcher method and the working directory for the game in case the game executable directory differs from the launcher directory.

  1. Launcher
    Determine the launcher method. Can be one of the following options:
    - Steam/Impulse: a game based on Steam/Impulse systems that stay running on background all the time, even when you finish the game (i.e. it doesn’t start every time you play the game)
    - Games for Windows Live/Starcraft II: a game based on GFWL or that uses a dual launcher like SC2 does.
    - Custom: none of the above.You can try changing options if one doesn’t work as expected, even when your game is not Steam/Impulse or GFWL based.
  2. Executable
    The launcher executable full path.
  3. Working directory
    If the game executable directory differs from the launcher directory and the game requires the working directory to be the same as the game executable, set the full directory here.

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