Recommended installation and version update procedure

To ensure correct RadeonPro installation, is highly recommended that you save your work and close all running applications like internet browsers, e-mail clients and other OSD/overlay tools.

While updating to a newer build/version, unless recommended in the Release notes of a particular build/version, it is not required to uninstall the current version. Just follow the installation procedure stated above and make sure you shutdown RadeonPro by clicking the right mouse button at RadeonPro icon in the Windows task tray near the clock and choose Exit from the popup menu. It is very important that you close all running programs to clear RadeonPro monitoring module from memory, particularly internet browsers like Firefox that is known to keep RadeonPro in memory.

Even if you follow all recommended steps and a RadeonPro module happens to be in use and the installer cannot replace it during update, NEVER choose the Ignore option at the installer. Cancel the installation, log out of Windows and log in again. Then repeat the installation procedure.

Following these steps you can always enjoy RadeonPro functionality without hassle.

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