Special thanks

I wish to express my gratitude for some nice guys who helped on RadeonPro development with their valuable tips: Ray Adams, creator of ATI Tray Tools, and Unwinder, creator of Rivatuner. Ray also allowed the use of an ATT component (raphook.dll) on earlier versions of RadeonPro for its OSD features, which was replaced later on build by RadeonPro’s own OSD module.

I also wish to thank all users from Guru3D, XtremeSystems, Rage3D, Adrenaline, Framebuffer, techPowerUp! and other forums on the web for their awesome feedback, suggestions and bug reports.

Also, many thanks to all donors of this project and all anonymous users who use and keep spreading the word all over the web about RadeonPro, making it more and more known day after day.

Thank you for your interest in RadeonPro!

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