Sometimes things don’t go smooth as expected and strange things can happen… if that’s your case, please read through the tips below, they may help you.

Q- Some programs are crashing or misbehaving when RadeonPro is active and Global API Monitoring is in effect.

A- Add the executable name to RadeonPro Compatibility list and set option Disable API detection for the item, that should fix the issue you’re finding with a particular program/application.

Q- Games keep crashing at startup when RadeonPro is active.

A- Try to update DirectX runtime, even if you think it is already up to date. To download the latest DirectX runtime, visit:

Q- RadeonPro crashes or is not working properly after a new version is installed over a previous installation.

A- When updating RadeonPro, the setup may find files locked during the update process. If that happens, never choose the Ignore option at RadeonPro installer, just abort the installation and do the process again using the Recommended installation and update procedure.

Q- I keep getting “Error starting RadeonPro Support Service” message when I start RadeonPro and can’t get it to work.

A- The support service might be disabled on Local Services, launch msconfig and check if “RadeonPro Support Service” is set to Automatic. The service must be set to Automatic or RadeonPro won’t be able to write to Video registry in order to apply your profiles.

Q- The OSD functions (FPS counter etc.) are not showing up after a reinstallation.

A- Newer versions of RadeonPro only activate OSD functions on games that have a profile defined for it on your profiles list. If you want to have the OSD functions working for every game regardless of them having a profile defined or not, open RadeonPro settings and on Advanced section, uncheck the option Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list.

Q- The OSD functions are not working on my games.

A- If the above answer didn’t help, you may need to update your DirectX runtime. RadeonPro requires June 2010 or newer DX runtime to be installed, if the version installed is already up to date but the OSD still doesn’t show up, try to update the DX runtime anyway as some component can be missing or got corrupted. To download the latest DirectX runtime, visit:

Q- DirectX runtimes are up to date and the OSD, post-processing and other advanced functions like Dynamic V-Sync still refuse to work.

A- Other OSD/overlay tools, like FRAPS and DXtory to name a few, may conflict with RadeonPro causing it to not work as expected. You might try disabling/closing all other OSD/overlay tools and see if RadeonPro advanced functions work as expected.

Q- RadeonPro works but as soon I close my game, no more games are detected and OSD functions don’t work anymore until I restart RadeonPro.

A- Some controller/joypad emulators can cause RadeonPro to stop working. So far I know of x360ce, an Xbox 360 controller emulator. If x360ce is active, RadeonPro will probably stop working sooner or later.

Q- RadeonPro is displaying the FPS counter on my video player.

A- That happens when your video player uses GPU acceleration and it’s not blacklisted yet, you can either create a profile for your video player and disable API monitoring for it, or you can add the executable name to the Compatibility list on RadeonPro Settings and disable API monitoring for the item.

Q- The installer shows a CRC error when you start it.

A- The are some possible causes to this.

  1. The installer got corrupted due to an unsuccessful download, try to download the installer again.
  2. The installer was changed by another program (most likely a virus), scan your computer to make sure it is clean and download the installer again.

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