The Scripts tab

In the Scripts tab you can define programs or scripts that are launched before (Pre-start) or after (Post-finish) the target game defined in the current profile.

You can select which event and what will be executed. RadeonPro can either start a program or use a script written in Javascript. There are a few templates for some common tasks, more will be added following community suggestions.

  1. Event
    If you need to define a script that should be executed before your game starts, choose the Pre-start and define the script properties. If the script needs to be executed after the game finishes, use the Post-finish tab.
  2. Browse
    If you want to start a program as the script event, use Browse button to locate the program to be executed.
  3. Filename
    Type the filename (or use the Browse button). Leave the field empty if you need to execute a script written in Javascript.
  4. Template
    Select a predefined template from the list.
  5. Script code
    Type the script itself. RadeonPro script engine uses Javascript, powered by V8 engine from Google. The default Javascript syntax and operators are supported.
  6. Scripting guide
    Click to open the Scripting Guide, where you’ll find the special commands supported by the script engine.
  7. Test script
    Use the Test script button to check the commands syntax.
For more scripting information, seeĀ About Scripts

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