Why RadeonPro?

v1Radeon Profile Automation Tool was the program’s name at the beginning as it was exactly that, just an automation tool that applied CCC profiles upon application start detection. I’ve created the program mainly to address the lack of automatic profiles on ATI video cards. I decided to share the idea with my friends and due to the their positive feedback, later on I went further and shared the program with more people using some enthusiasts forums around the web. Due to the positive feedback and because I wanted to add some features based on other programs I was used to use, like FRAPS for screenshot, benchmark and FPS counter functions, I’ve then added OSD features like the screenshot function, which was further enhanced a few months after with the benchmark function, API logo at game startup, and other functions. Also, there was a thing that always bothered me as a CrossfireX user: the lack of profiles with custom settings that would allow the use of CrossfireX even before monthly ATI driver releases with proper CrossfireX support for the games, just like I was used to do when I had an NVIDIA video card with another free and excellent tool, nHancer.

RadeonPro evolved fast with lots of bug fixes and new features additions based on community suggestions and other stuff I already did planned for it.

As you may already know the program is still under development, new features are frequently added and there’s more to come. You can help too!!!

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