Settings: Advanced

Advanced settings or settings that don’t apply to other sections
  1. Choose program interface language
    Select an interface localization from the list. Currently only English and Portuguese (Brazil) are supported.
  2. Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list.
    This option instructs RadeonPro to not activate OSD features and Direct3D/OpenGL Tweaks for games that don’t have a profile defined in your list.
  3. Disable Post-processing effect (FXAA, SMAA etc.)
    Turns off all post-processing related effects.
  4. Toggle hotkey
    Set hotkeys for several post-processing effects and OSD items
  5. OSD update interval
    Set OSD update interval, in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Lower values for the update interval mean higher performance hit for drawing the OSD elements. The recommended value is 1000 (update once per second)
  6. View Cache Contents
    RadeonPro caches some files for better performance. You can view the files currently cached by using this button.
  7. Clear Cache Folder…
    Remove all files from cache folder.

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