Is RadeonPro free?

Yes, RadeonPro is freeware, you don’t need to pay for use it, either for personal or commercial purposes. The program can be installed on as many systems you want, as long the installer is maintained in its original form.

Although the software is free for use, it’s expressly forbidden to create derivative programs using RadeonPro’s DLL/EXE files or other components, in other words, you may not modify RadeonPro by adding/removing features, changing its name and releasing it as a different software. Also, RadeonPro libraries (DLLs) cannot be used in other software. For more licensing details, please refer to the license agreement included on RadeonPro installer.

The program development is supported by voluntary donations sent by satisfied users and by online advertising on RadeonPro website.

To donate, pleaseĀ click here

To advertise on RadeonPro website, please contact me.

If you represent an IHV and you are interested in bundling RadeonPro with your products (with or without your own brand), please contact me.

This software, as long the installer and its contents are kept in its original form, can be distributed on any media, including magazines’ bundles and other websites, as long it’s not charged an extra value for it.

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